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Force-dependent affinity of troponin for Ca2+ explains the difference between the isotonic and isometric cardiac end-systolic force-length relations

Tran, K. , Loiselle, D. , Nash, M. , Crampin, E. , Nickerson, David.

Incorporation of sarcolemmal calcium transporters into the Shorten et al. (2007) model of skeletal muscle: equations, coding and stability

P J Noble , A Garny , P R Shorten , K Tasaki , D Noble

Model of skeletal muscle cramp and its reversal

K Tasaki , P J Noble , A Garny , P R Shorten , D Noble

Noble '62 model

Nickerson, Andre. , Author, Other.

Thermodynamically consistent model of the cardiac Na/K ATPase

Pan, M. , Crampin, E.

The Boron & De Weer Model of Intracellular pH Regulation

Safaei, S. , Occhipinti, R. , Hunter, P. J. , Boron, W. F.

A Modification of the Hodgkin-Huxley Equations Applicable to Purkinje Fibre Action and Pace-Maker Potentials.

Nickerson, D. P. , Hunter, P. J. , Noble, D.

Cerebral Circulation 3D Model

Safaei, S. , Hunter, P. J.