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Physiome publishes mathematical models of physiological processes where the experimental details have been published or accepted for publication in a recognised 'primary' peer-reviewed journal in the field of physiological modelling. A Physiome article thus provides a citable link between the published model and its implementation, and is designed to be read side-by-side with the associated primary paper.

The aim is to confirm the reproducibility and reusability these published models. Therefore, Physiome editors will help as much as is currently possible with model curation and annotation to ensure that the modeling results claimed in the primary paper are consistent with the published model.

Physiome curators will also help authors ensure that models and simulation experiments are made available using appropriate community standards prior to acceptance for publication. When aspects of a computational modelling study are not able to be encoded in standard formats, Physiome curators will help authors ensure their work is as open, reproducible, and reusable as possible.

Physiome is open access with a low Author Processing Charge. All Physiome articles are available on figshare including details on the implementation

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Latest articles

Spindle Model Responsive to Mixed Fusimotor Inputs: an updated version of the Maltenfort and Burke (2003) model

Schmid, L. ORCID logo , Klotz, T. ORCID logo , Yavuz, U. Ş. ORCID logo , Maltenfort, M. ORCID logo , Röhrle, O. ORCID logo

Mathematical model of excitation-contraction in a uterine smooth muscle cell

Ai, W. ORCID logo , Freifeld, L. ORCID logo , Nickerson, D. P. ORCID logo

A kinetic model of beta-adrenergic control in cardiac myocytes

Fong, S. ORCID logo , Saucerman, J. J. ORCID logo

A Quantitative Model of Human Jejunal Smooth Muscle Cell Electrophysiology

Ai, W. ORCID logo , Nickerson, D. P. ORCID logo

Reproducibility study of the Fabbri et al. 2017 model of the human sinus node action potential

Ghotli, N. A. ORCID logo , Fabbri, A. ORCID logo , Severi, S. ORCID logo , Garny, A. ORCID logo , Nickerson, D. ORCID logo

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