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A kinetic model of beta-adrenergic control in cardiac myocytes
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Published: 2021-09-23
Last edited: 2021-09-23

A kinetic model of beta-adrenergic control in cardiac myocytes

Fong, S. ORCID logo , Saucerman, J. J. ORCID logo

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Primary Publication: Modeling β-Adrenergic Control of Cardiac Myocyte Contractility in Silico *. 2003, J.J. Saucerman, L.L. Brunton, A.P. Michailova, A.D. McCulloch

Abstract: The system of equations and figures presented in Saucerman et al. (2003) are verified and reproduced in this paper's curation effort. These checks are performed in MATLAB. With some parameter additions and modifications, we can reproduce all figures with small mismatches.


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