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Computational Modelling of Glucose Uptake in the Enterocyte
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Published: 2020-10-01
Last edited: 2020-10-01

Computational Modelling of Glucose Uptake in the Enterocyte

Afshar, N. ORCID logo , Safaei, S. ORCID logo , Nickerson, D. P. ORCID logo , Hunter, P. J. ORCID logo , Suresh, V. ORCID logo

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Primary Publication: Computational Modeling of Glucose Uptake in the Enterocyte. 2019, N. Afshar, S. Safaei, D.P. Nickerson, P.J. Hunter, V. Suresh

Abstract: We describe an implemented model of glucose absorption in the enterocyte, as previously published by Afshar et al. Afshar et al. (2019), The model used mechanistic descriptions of all the responsible transporters and was built in the CellML framework. It was validated against published experimental data and implemented in a modular structure which allows each individual transporter to be edited independently from the other transport protein models. The composite model was then used to study the role of the sodium-glucose cotransporter (SGLT1) and the glucose transporter type 2 (GLUT2), along with the requirement for the existence of the apical Glut2 transporter, especially in the presence of high luminal glucose loads, in order to enhance the absorption. Here we demonstrate the reproduction of the figures in the original paper by using the associated model.


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